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Enhanced Smiles cares about each patient's experience with us, we want the best possible relationship with each patient.

As we strive to satisfy each patient's individual needs, we ask for their input & value any patient feedback. Your thoughts help to give us direction.

If you'd like to share some kind words & smiles, or let us know if we stumbled & need to improve, please use our Feedback Form, get a comment card from our front desk, Email Us, or give us a call..

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Why Our Patients Recommend Us

Patients share thoughts about their Enhanced-Smiles experience

One of the most caring & gentle dentistry I have ever been to. They genuinely care about your comfort & will do whatever it takes to keep you out of pain.

- Kirk W

When our old Dentist sold his practice we were forced to look for a new Dentist. The team here at Dr. Whitfield's office were able to accomodate us as new patients. The dental team here works with each patient to evaluate them, come up with a plan to improve dental health for the long-term. Dr. Whitfieldworks to be sure any foundation is set and ready for long-term health. When it comes to your teeth/mouth you don't want to cut corners. I would say that it's worth the extra mile to ensure your great smile.

- Steve S

Dr. Whitfield and his team are amazing and wonderful. Been with Dr. W for a while now and it has been great!

- Aggie D

Dr. Whitfield & Staff have raised the bar beyond his excellent predecessor; I totally trust them with my mouth health...Outstanding service for 30+ years!!

- Paul

The Staff is very friendly. I feel like your office takes a holistic approach to my oral & systemic care. I came from a place of enjoying coming in get dental care to now understanding how important it is to consider my whole body health and my mindful approach. I've never felt guilted, just educated to gain the importance of my role in the management of my oral care.

- Erik H

Dr. Whitfield and his staff provide excellent care and exemplary professional services. The two implants I received saved me $6,000 from what an oral surgeon quoted me that I was referred to by another dentist.

- Steve H

Given the majority of the cost of dental implants is not covered by regular insurances, costs can be a deterrent. But like most things, specialization fosters expertise and competitive costs follow. This is what you will find at Dr. Whitfield's Enhanced Smiles practice. Including moderate bone grafting, I have already received the implant; post, crown, mouth guard and checkups will come in the future. All for 40% less than what I was quoted for bone graft and implant alone elsewhere. The only thing disappointing about the implant procedure was that I wasted my copay dollars on the prescription pain killers I bought in preparation. I didn't take a single one. I didn't need to. I have experienced more discomfort after the 6-7 crown prep procedures that I have had in my life than I did from this implant. Upper, back molar (sinus procedure) I was mentally prepared for at least a day or two of pain. None. So if you need to see water features, Corian countertops, muted tones and lighting, then expect to see an eye opening estimate. If you want the best expertise, no frills approach and straight forward talk from both the medical and business sides of the dental implant decision then go see Dr. Whitfield's Enhanced Smiles practice. It's not just him and how good he is at what he does, it is everyone there.

- Mark B

Dr. Whitfield put veneers/fillings on four of my top front teeth, which i have grinded since i can remember. Now I can smile without covering up my mouth with my hands or having a closed mouth smile. He is been great and because of that I am greatful to him and his staff. To all his staff and Dr. Whitfield, Thank you so very much. Could not asked for a better dentistry.

- Michelle B

Everyone at this practice has been delightful, professional and forthcoming. I just had an extraction and was provided with a temporary replacement so that I won't have the embarrassment of a missing tooth in my dealings with the public. The philosophy of "Enhanced Smiles" seems to equate cosmetics as well as proper treatment - I like that!

- Albert R

Very professional Dr., Assistant & Staff. Been a patient for many years.

- Pat M

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