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Family Dentistry

Teeth-for-life, family-oriented dental care to meet the needs of all ages.

Enhanced Smiles is a family dental practice, which means we focus on treating your entire family, from infants to seniors. Dr Whitfield enjoys caring for children, and as a parent, understands the joys and challenges of raising a child.

The cornerstone of dental care is a regular checkup.

Doctor Whitfield and his entire team place a large emphasis on a thorough exam every six months.

  • Exams help check for problems that you might not see or feel.
  • They find early signs of decay & help to treat oral health problems early.

In addition to dental exams, regular hygiene cleanings promote healthy teeth & gums.

  • Our hygienist will thoroughly clean & polish your teeth.
  • A thorough gum exam is performed to determine your gum health.
  • They will offer guidance to help you with any problems they might find & answer all of your dental hygiene questions.

Teeth For Life

Your dental health has a major impact & is an integral part of your body's overall health & well-being.

We are committed to helping each of our patients have healthy, strong Teeth-For-Life.

Poor dental health can affect your daily lifestyle & enjoyment of life in many ways; ranging from limiting the choices of foods you can eat, triggering or aggravating other health conditions, and lowering your self-image & self-confidence.

To accomplish this mission we offer a full range of preventative & restorative treatment options to help you to maximize your dental health.

All treatments are performed with the goal for you to be as comfortable & relaxed as possible, while using the most advanced techniques & technology to give you the best possible results.

teeth-for-life family dental care
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