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Dr. Douglas Whitfield and the knowledgeable staff at Enhanced Smiles Tukwila work hard to earn and keep your trust. We strive to provide exceptional dental care, using the latest technology, to keep your teeth strong, healthy, and looking great.

A Whole-Body Dentistry Approach to Your Health

We provide science-based whole-body dental care that is tailored to improving your well-being by focusing on how dental procedures affect the body as a whole.

We use the latest minimally-invasive techniques & can collaborate with your physician to give you integrative treatments for your specific health needs.

Dental Services

  • Family Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Teeth Whitening


  • Collaborative Care
  • BaleDoreen Method
  • Advanced Periodontal Care
  • Inflammation Testing
  • Inflammation Treatment
  • Inflammation Monitoring

Precision Dentistry

  • 3D Digital Imaging
  • Oral Bacterial DNA Testing
  • Advanced Protein Treatment
  • Genetic-Based Treatment
  • Antibiotic & Laser Treatment
  • Oral Probiotic Treatment

You'll get the perfect blend of expertise, personal attention & comfort - All in a friendly, relaxing setting

Whole-Body Dental Care

whole body dentistry

Linking Your Dental Health to Body Health

Recent medical research confirms that your dental health is a major factor in your overall health. For example, gum disease that triggers inflammation, leading to diseases in other parts of your body.

We take a whole-body, or holistic, science-based approach to your dental care with the goal of helping to improve your overall well-being.

You will get the the most effective & miminally-invasive care, using the latest techniques & equipment.

Integrative Collaborative Care

The Dentist - Physician Connection

With the advent of the Bale Doneen Method physicians and dentists are now collaborating on diagnostic & integrating treatment to give their patients the best possible care.

Inflammation is the Primary Cause of the Majority of Diseases

Dental health problems can cause an inflammation response that affects other parts of your body.

Chronic inflammation can trigger other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, lowering your overall level of health.

BaleDoneen Method Healthy Heart

The mouth is simply too large a potential contributor to overall inflammation to be left out of any successful prevention program.

The proven link between dental-caused inflammation that leads to cardiovascular disease can no longer be ignored.

Inflammation is a Silent Killer

You could be at risk from inflammation-caused heart disease and not know it.

Precision Dentistry

Dental DNA Testing

A New Level of Dental Care

Precision dentistry is finding the root cause of dental disease, and treating it with the most effective precisely-targeted, minimally-invasive treatment.

  • 3D Digital Imaging
  • Oral Bacterial DNA Testing
  • Genetic-Based Treatment
  • Advanced Protein Treatment
  • Antibiotic & Laser Treatment

We use the latest advances in dental technology & techniques to give you optimum dental care.

Why Our Patients Recommend Us

Information Videos

Dr. Whitfield discusses health issues and the benefits of integrative dentistry in a series of videos

All about your Oral and Physical Health. Bale Doneen Method. Implant Dentisty. Laser Periodontal Treatments.

Oral Bacteria Identified from a Saliva Test

Discussed the top oral pathogens and what they do to your health. Briefly mentioned Bale Donnen Method. How Doctor Whitfield treats Gum disease with ultrasonics, air polisher and lasers.

What are Prebiotics and How do they fit with Probiotics

How to have a healthy mouth and smile by promoting healthy bacteria. That's right, some bacteria are good for you!

Diabetes and Gum Disease

What is diabetes and how it causes gum disease. Discussion of Beta cells, Insulin, Glucose and how they relate to anabolism. Healing time is retarded by diabetes. Dental Implants heal faster with healthy patients. Bale Doneen Method applied.

It's Never Too Late To Have The Smile Of Your Dreams

We offer flexible times to fit your schedule & lifestyle. Because a trip to the dentist should never add stress to your day.

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