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Sports-Related Dentistry

Prevention of a mouth sports Injury is always preferred to treating an injury.

Sports-related dentistry involves educating parents & young athletes about the benefits of using mouth guards, face masks and other protective equipment for head, face and mouth protection.

Not using proper protection may result in loose or broken teeth, soft tissue trauma to mouth & gums, TMJ problems and other possible injuries.

We can make a properly-fitted mouth guard that will give protection against mouth trauma due to sports.

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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards offer more than just basic tooth protection.

Mouth guards also create a cushion that provides potential stabilization of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) while also helping to prevent injury to the joint.

They can also substantially reduce the type of injury affecting the soft tissues, such as lips & gum tissues surrounding the teeth.

In general, mouth guards can help provide protection against numerous serious injuries, including those to the face and head.

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