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Inflammation Dentistry

Dental health problems can cause an inflammation response that affects other parts of your body, lowering your overall level of health.

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Science has proven that certain bacteria have cell surfaces that trigger or 'light up' your inflammatory system, the body's natural self-defense reaction. Chronic exposure to these bacteria alters the lining of your arteries, allowing cholesterol to get stuck & build up in the lining of your artery walls. This could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Inflammation can become a systemic & chronic problem

Recent medical research confirms that chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of most diseases. Inflammation can come from many sources, the most common being your mouth.

Periodontal disease could trigger inflammation in your arteries, contributing to thickening of the arteries & formation of unstable plaques. You need to make sure you put out the 'fire in your arteries' before a heart attack or stroke could have a devastating impact on you!

Linking your Dental Health to Body Health

We routinely look for & test for indicators of inflammation, and then treat & monitor any inflammation-related dental issues to help improve your overall health.

Inflammation Testing

Find Out If You Are At Risk!

Inflammation is Silent - You could be at risk. Most inflammation sufferers do not know that their body is silently under attack from within, that other diseases could be triggered in other parts of their body.

We can test for indicators that show if Inflammation is present

The first step to gaining control over inflammation.

As part of our whole-body dentistry approach to your health care, we are aware of inflammation. If inflammation is detected, we can then treat & monitor any dental-related inflammation triggers.

We also integrate our dental care with inflammation medical partners, to help their patients correct any dental-related inflammation problems.

The good news is that inflammation is reversable!

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Inflammation is the Primary Cause of the Majority of Diseases

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Intregrative Dental Care


Nearly 100 years ago, Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic, discussed at length the need for dentists and physicians to work together.

"The mouth is by far the greatest portal of entrance of germ life into the body. The next great step in medical progress in the line of preventive medicine should be made by the dentists. Complete dental care and preventive measures can extend human life ten years."

The mouth is simply too large a potential contributor to overall inflammation to be left out of any successful prevention program.

The Dentist - Physician Connection

With the advent of the Bale Doneen Method physicians and dentists are now collaborating on diagnostic & integrating treatments to give their patients the best possible care.

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