Whole-Body Dentistry

We truly care about your overall health

Doctor Whitfield believes in a comprehensive whole-body approach to dentistry.

That starts from the first dental appointment.
We perform a comprehensive dental exam that begins with a thorough review of your health history. We take an annual blood pressure reading and review your current medications if applicable. We discuss your personal approach to your healthcare. Doctor Whitfield and our Hygienist exam the soft tissues of your oral cavity and perform an extra-oral head and neck exam if warranted. Risk factors such as smoking or previous history of cancer will additionally cause us to sharpen our examination.

We respect your personal beliefs about your health.

There is a wide range of beliefs and philosophies on health.
Doctor Whitfield seeks to enable individual patients to better their health. We know some patients want to limit exposure to mercury fillings and therefore we no longer place them. Some patients prefer natural plant products for use as toothpaste, something Doctor Whitfield has a great deal of experience with. We also know that many patients want the best available techniques and technologies available, we strive for this. Please tell us if you have specific requirements and we will honor and enable your requests.

We will make treatment decisions as part of a team involving you the patient, your primary care physician, specialists and a naturopath if the patient uses one.

Many treatment decisions are impacted by a patients overall health.
A common example is dry mouth. Patients taking numerous high blood pressure medications often experience dry mouth. Dry mouth places the patient at an elevated risk for caries (cavities). In this case, a prescription toothpaste or mouthwash may be prescribed.

Your oral health is a significant part of your overall health.

We take our role as a member of your health team very seriously.
We want you to live long and have a healthy smile.


whole body dentistry
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